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JoyousVacations.com is proud to announce our “Church Retreat Program.” This program is designed to offer your church the opportunity of going on a mountain retreat using and of our many homes in the Network. Our larger homes, Riverview Lodge near Breckenridge, Colorado or our CreekSide Lodge in Buena Vista, are perfect for accommodating groups of up to sixteen people at a time. This offer can be used for youth programs, leadership teams, men and women groups, or for special and unique learning experiences in a mountain setting for your worshippers. You may want to set up several retreats for some of your groups. We also offer $ of 15 % percentage of each rental ( whether by a groups or by individuals ) that come from your church to be earmarked for a Tithed Offering back to your Church. This is one way we can say Thank You.

Our Network is open to Yours; and we never want to make money an issue when it comes to Spiritual Fellowship and retreats. We’re certain we can work within your budgets, so please just let us know “when and how many” and we’ll find a way to customize a retreat that will result in Win-Win-Win benefits for all.
This program is being offered on a test trial basis from October 2013 through May 2015. It may be renewed or expanded depending upon responses. PLEASE NOTE: We’re also willing to allow secular Non-Profits of a Spiritual or environmental Nature to enjoy this offer as well.
Imagine, having the opportunity to practice your Christian Spiritual walk while potentially having a time of great rest and refreshment with a special group. Imagine being in the mountains away from your ordinary environment for the purpose of practicing being more attentive to God. Just imagine the great memory an experience such as a retreat can provide to your members. Would it be a worthwhile pursuit to offer and have semi-regular retreats as part of a healthy Christian walk for your church? Or perhaps you might wish to reward a special volunteer or family in need with time away for respite care. We can help make this all happen easily.
The main reason for offering this Church Retreat Program is that we believe in the values of retreats as Jesus did. All through the Gospels, Jesus models this kind of spiritual experience for us. Much of his ministry life is spent engaged in a withdraw-engage dynamic. In the Gospel of Mark alone—the shortest Gospel—there are at least five references to Jesus’ intentional withdrawal to quiet places for the purpose of connecting with God: (Mark 1; 3; 6; 9; 14). If part of Jesus’ model for relating to God involved regularly shifting his location for the purpose of praying and connecting with his Father, we would be wise to notice, emulate and incorporate that kind of transformative behavior into our lives as well.
In order to participate in this program, you can go on our website, www.joyousvacations.com or email teamfunz@gmail.com or reservations@joyousvacations.com for more information.

*** BUENA VISTA On the River: CREEKSIDE: www.joyousvacations.com/listings/creekside-lodge/#sthash.R8Tzi4ai.dpbs



OR BEARVIEW: www.teamfunz.com/property/Mountain_Homes/Ski_Lodge_Bear_View_Near_Breckenridge_Colorado/35


PLEASE NOTE: We are always adding more homes: However in event of needing to house more than @ 16 – we DO have access also to OTHER RENTAL HOMES NEARBY – such that by booking 2 homes we can house 25 – 30 or more. One time we did a Family Reunion up at Cripple Creek area and did @ 44 people in 5 different cabins in that area )
Thank you & Best Blessings Always

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