Mission Statement

This is active ownership. Success depends on the group’s synergy. If you are having fun, you will be enjoying investment. If you are enjoying your investment you will stick with it. If you stick with it long enough you will reap the rewards and benefits unforeseen. As with any long-term relationship, a marriage, a career, or raising a family, your willingness to contribute, and to grow and be changed, is where the ultimate satisfaction comes. TeamFunz is meant to challenge you in similar ways while providing opportunities for travel, investment, equity growth, social and cultural exchanges, and fun, fun, fun.

We strive to achieve all of this through the medium of vacation ownership. We choose this because probably nothing else in the world can provide the variety and the intensity of stimulation. Through vacation ownership you are able to immerse yourself into a unique place and people like no tour operator would hope to do. TeamFunz is not for the faint of spirit or those who shun adventure. If you are willing we are able to give you a bolder side of life.

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