Housekeeping Compensation


Pay structure for Housekeepers, starting Jan 1st for all invoices for 2017.

     All  JVN “Invoices” must be sent to, or clicking here , by the 1st along with copies of receipts, if any supplies are purchased AFTER being cleared by a senior member of the TeamFunZ/JoyousVacations team. (Currently Charles Lugenbeel)( If any owner request cleanings, or other work outside JVN, the owner must pay at time of service) JVN Invoices for Payment will be  around  the 1st  to 31st of each month. (paypal) And we like to have all payment made by or before the 10th of each month. We need to make sure there are no home being paid twice and the rental cleared the bank.

Note: these Invoices are set priced based on our Fee & Mgmt. Guides set here below. Exceptions require contact and approval PRIOR to cleaning and billing. Thus invoices are designed to match & confirm the dates & places cleaned.

     Definition: of a Joyous Vacations Cleaning: Always do your best given the time you have. Sometimes you may have to deal with tight schedules and cut some corners that you can make up next time. Not all cleanings need to be 110%, as most homes should be in great shape and they are nightly rentals. We are looking for a “hotel cleaning”( Or as clean as a place you and your family would like to stay at.)  and the places need to be in order and clean but the heavy duty cleaning will apply seasonally and billed to the owners. (see below *) An overall cleaning list & How To will also be posted on JVN Website – as sometimes we have Family or Friends or Staff that go for “Free or Deep Discounts” and do own cleans. But if you have questions do ask the main housekeeper in that area your at for more details. 

KEY POINTS ARE: But here is the list to flow on each JV Cleaning                                                               Click here 
  * BEDS MADE / TOWELS SET OUT & LINENS TAKEN & WASHED LATER ON AS MOST PLACES DO NOT HAVE WASHER-DRYERS;  SO WE HAVE NUMEROUS EXTRA LINEN SETS TO EXCHANGE & REPLACE LATER ON NEXT VISIT(s) Photos of big messes are need for extra fees as we have insurance on most rentals or deposits.
 JVN may ask for help with guests, if issue come up, like TV, WIFI, basic repairs or concerns. But JVN does ask, guests to leave tips, in most cases.
Cleaning fees we pay. (click the name of the home) as complete report is asked of each cleaning to get paid. Includes doing Laundry and making sure there is back up. 
MT. View Lodge we pay $100

Horseshoe Lodge we  pay $85

Evergreen Cottage we pay $65

Cabin 9 we  pay $ 30

Cabin 15 we $30 **

Cabin 4 we  $30 **

Cabin 16 we  $35 **

Creekside Lodge. we pay $75  to 100 all out buildings

BV Riverview Lodge  we pay $75 to 100

Bear view Lodge we charge $75 to 100

Potter’s House) $75 to 100 all outbuildings

Upper Maraposis $25

Cupola $25

Morning Star $75.00

South Seas $50

     $ Note: Larger Homes have a RANGE of prices due to size of groups – Some may have only 4 guests & others have 8 or 12. Higher cleaning fees are asked for bigger groups, based on judgment of agents taking reservations. Exceptions on compensation may apply, but must get written approval by a senior staff member. (email or text fine) Also do note we ask our guests to keep the home clean. NOTE: Extra work that the owners ask will be paid by the owner and not JV or needs to be invoice separately.

 ** NOTE: PLEASE DO take photos if damages or extra fees will be sought or required from Guests. We usually try to work within our Guidelines. We usually DON’T charge guests extra $$ unless it’s REALLY bad & we don’t want them back. So understand that things do even out – Some groups leave it real nice and you make up for the hard jobs with the easy ones eventually.

     SEASONAL DEEP CLEANING:  Most Owners will pay for a Bi-Annual or quarterly cleaning at their homes. These “Deeper Cleans” are charged by Housekeepers separately and must be estimated. We contact said owners for approval prior to cleaning and billing. Housekeepers should charge whatever they feel is fair based on Efforts. It is understood that Owners will want a SPECIAL relationship with the folks who are intimate with their belongings & cleanings. We hope everyone gets Tips and remember to treat the place “as if it were your own.” : ) List for springs cleanings and paid by owners.           Click here 

     EXTRA DUTIES & OPPORTUNITIES:  Remember that you are a JVN Agent of sorts and represent us all – Thus, please do always be Polite & Respectful, even if the Guests are not. Some will come early or stay late. We need to gently remind them that check out 11 am & check in 4 Pm unless otherwise given permission. Please also give them cards or remind them of our WEBSITE and how we offer great deals for repeat customers & how we can help them enjoy more vacations, or even help them to OWN a share or Full Vacation Home themselves! Always know you are being compensated by PERFORMANCE BASED Pay here as well! If you do have someone complaining about money, let them know your not in charge of that. But make sure you let them know not to let this small issue effect there stay. But when you get home do email your issues, comments or concerns to

*** All Housekeepers &/or Companies must fully acknowledge they run their own independent businesses and have various other jobs as well and are clearly NOT “Employees” of JVN but Self-Employed Independent Contractors. Gas & Vehicle Expenses, medical and injuries are responsibility and tax write off for Each Individual Business. All those with annual pay over $600 will receive a 1099 IRS Tax form from JVN for tax records so we’re all in full compliance with Federal Self-Employment Rules. If you haven’t competed a 1099  click here or W9 click here


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