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  • Feb 22, 2014
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What my Place in the Mountains means to me!

Someone once asked me why I own a Mountain Property and home. I had never thought about it much. I just had the feeling that it was the right thing to do… but. I thought some more and came up with this:


1 For My Self                                

My home is a lot like me— very special and unique. Over the passing years, my place has come to reflect my own vies and values. It has absorbed a part of me and 
Bearview Lodge
I have certainly absorbed part of it. This is my place. There are even special places within my place where I go to watch the sun and clouds and other places where I listen to birds and trees. I find more than beautiful nature, I find myself. I slow down and let the daily routines and cares slip away. I listen to the real me bubble up from myself unknowingly.   

2. For my spouse

What this land gives to me, it also gives to my special partner… images3YQGT4PQI am renewed. She is renewed we are renewed. We find time and space to just be … together. We are able to talk about things that need to be shared. There are no interruptions here .We keep in touch. It is an inexpensive getaway. It offers us cozy familiarity, and yet it’s different each time we come to visit. We feel young, and Adam and Eve could not have enjoyed a finer garden to play in.

3 For my Children

My children are my seeds. They grow best in a healthy environment. Nature’s secrets help to nourish and teach them valuable lessons that will bring them peace, joy and happiness throughout their lives. Children need wholesome challenges— goals and targets which test their ever-developing skills. I think the rugged terrain, the trees and rocks to climb, the weather to enjoy and endure, the open space for their spirits and imaginations to play—all these offer better challengers that the concrete jungles with their graffiti , gangs, drugs, cars and peer-pressure escapes, if we let children’s spirits connect with the land while they’re young, their hearts will always remain open to the simple joys and beauties available in life, These gifts the land gives to my children are things that can’t be bought — wind in the hair, sun on the face, the twilight’s mysterious glow and the season’s endless circling.

4. For my friend and Relatives

My land is also a place for my larger extended family. It’s a way for me to repay all that can never truly be repaid. It’s a way to say “thank you” for being in my life. Come here when you need to be renewed. Or when you are hurting and feel the need to be alone. If a death or divorce or anything has devastated your heart ..come and stay and play. My land offers sanctuary for me and for my friends. I don’t every worry whether tit’s the 4th of July or the busy Christmas season. My land is place for celebration: where we can let our joys and happiness over flow.. Visitors come from both coasts they come from north and south. We are here in the central heart of America always waiting to welcome you!

5. For Connecting with Nature

download  The more I know. The more I know I  don’t know “So spoke Socrates. I find the magic of nature’s kale do-scope constantly offering new windows to explore. Each time I visit. I find something I didn’t notice before… because I was looking but not seeing…. I come to realize that my own life is reflected here. I find messages from our Creator to help me deal with the little and large seasons of my own life. The rainbows remind me to get into balance and harmony with all the diverse everything is needed for something else to grow. I am blessed with the knowledge that there is indeed a master plan that includes me. I have a great seat to watch the seasons passing by. “Season Tickets!” Wow!

6. For Peace of Mind and vision

There is a service, peaceful, relaxed feeling that comes over me as I return to my mountain home. All Even when I am far from my mountain sanctuary, I can look at a picture in my car or in my mind, and feel that same safe, secure sense of serenity that tells me I have a special place in this universe. Sometimes, just knowing I have a place to go and “be” helps me thought the difficult times that stress builds either at work or at home. I breathe deep and smile, remembering that I have an escape — a special sanctuary. I am uplifted spiritually. I come here to celebrate my personal life victories. And I plan my next goals and challenges; too I enjoyed victory over my old poverty thoughts when I bought my special retreat place. And my victories have constantly increased ever since.

7. For Spaceship Earth

images00I03DLBYou’ve heard of “Adopt a Park” programs where people pick up litter at certain city parks? Well, I take care of my mountain home for the same reasons… Keeping some wild and free places here on Spaceship earth means there will always be room for the wild creatures to rest in safety — up on my very own little “National Park.” I know my land was here long before me and will still be here long after me. But for not, I am the caretaker of this sacred ground, and I enjoy my “Adopt an Avre” program. I know that if everyone keeps his women doorstep clean, the whole planet will benefit. The deer and other use the trails I make for my National Park, but we meet and pass in silent respect.

8. For Investment

While I enjoy peace of mine and purposeful living, I also enjoy a growing investment in my land. Slowly but surely, my land grows more valuable. As time goes by, we make more people, but we don’t make more land> I plan for out future with each monthly investment I make. I develop a small area for my camp cabin which becomes more valuable with each new addiction and development. Someday I will look back at the magnificent family roots I have created and say. “I remember when there was nothing here but leaves and rocks. “This will be a fine heritage to pass along either the land itself will continue to be a great investment, or the money we make from the eventual sale for the property will also be a savings account from which we can someday draw if we so choose.

9. For Material Wealth A Goods

imagesFK99VRDCEven Thought so many of the great benefits I receive from my mountain home are of a nonmaterial or spiritual nature, I cannot overlook the great material values I also receive— I have available to me an endless cycle of Christmas trees, nursery trees’ Shrubbery, and firewood— any of which I may use fro myself of the good fortune to won a special mountain hideaway home. I have even earned good income $$ from other by renting out home when we can’t be there ourselves.

10. For Roots and Sanctuary

Finally, out mountain home is a sanctuary: a place of peace and quiet for out lives and for out future friends and families. These modern times are so full of change and shift; People move from house to house depending on changes in age, jobs, family size, etc. But it’s nice to know that we have a central place—a point of reference— “roots” if you will which sustain us all thought the ever-changing days and ways of out lives. So many memories are stored here for us to share over and over again, Family heirlooms’ decorate the cabin, and their warm familiarity brings joy to us all. We know that wherever we may move, there will always be a place of power in the central heart of America for us to rendezvous and rejoice! Out land is a place to share stories over the campfire as out dreams come true and we celebrate being alive!

All this for only ¢ $ ¢ per month? And we take home all these gifts to live in out hearts now and forever more. To each his or her own, but I have found a great value in owning out “piece of peace” — for nature is out truest home.

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