These notes are for everyone working in conjunction with joyous vacations. This has to do with teamwork, clarity, agreements and understandings.

You are all independent contractors. You all manage your own businesses. When we pay you, We expect you to report your earnings to the appropriate taxable authorities. We will provide you with the annual 1099 forms.

We need to make it absolutely clear now forever and always that we do not pay people on a salary basis or an hourly basis. We pay only on a per job per project basis. This means you are either cleaning a home or repairing a home or doing something with us on an agreed upon amount per project.

Nothing anyone says; regardless of their position or relationship to joyous vacations or Joyous real estate has the power to supersede this Rock bottom line.

Oftentimes certain jobs and tasks are posted on our website like the payment for an average cleaning on each individual home. However it is important that before any work or misunderstandings occur that any variation from posted or agreed in writing terms be clearly understood and rewritten for all concerned.

No verbal agreements shall be honored in anyway whatsoever, unless they are also backed up by written agreements, signed by both parties involved. Do not expect to be paid or compensated in any way shape or form for any unauthorized and agreed upon freelance work or expenditures that are not approved ahead of time.

This is been the policy for years and years, and shall continue to be the bottom line policy for the duration of My ownership of this company. Please understand how important this is, and if you have any doubts whatsoever or confusion about these terms and please do not choose to work with us. Thank you.


You may realize a more distant and formal approach to our dealings with people in the future. We can be friendly; but we certainly do not need to be friends.  We have to maintain amore professional and businesslike manner with each of our independent contractors. Too often in the past people on both sides of the equation have made casual assumptions that create ill feelings in the long run. We need to eliminate casual customs and careless attitudes from now onward.

This has come about due to JVN being burned by too many people taking advantage of us, and with too many misunderstandings,  misconceptions or fuzzy agreements where people make assumptions and fill in the blank and assume that we will cover any and all mistakes for everyone. This has not been the case and will never be the case. Everyone is responsible for miscommunications. We will own our 50% of the hundred percent problem always, but we will not be held liable or responsible for fantasies, assumptions and verbal imaginings.

Here are just a few examples of some of the problems experienced in the past:

People expecting to be paid while not working or not showing up.
People making assumptions that they can redecorate or change around a home and be paid for it.
People tossing out items belonging to JVN or other owners and expecting to not be charged for that.
People being sloppy at work, incomplete in their duties, and inconsistent in their efforts and still expecting pay.
People removing and replacing items without prior permission; including rearranging furniture of the owners.
People gossiping or accusing other staff members or subcontractors and basically being childish and immature.
People creating drama, starting rumors, talking behind peoples backs, or in any way misconstruing actions or  words to create discord and disharmony among the teamwork networks.

People not following our systems and procedures, or in fact trying to weaken or work around them.
People stealing or taking things that do not belong to them. Or destroying property items assumed to be broken
People overcharging and changing the agreements already made in negative and obstinate ways.
People being inconsiderate or too brief and curt in their texts, Emails, phone calls or communications.

We Will Not tolerate any further immature or insubordinate behaviors that drain energy from the team and create negativity throughout the networks. Be advised that any and all of these examples of infractions above are truly indeed grounds for discontinued relationships and canceling of teamwork services.

Sincerely, Mark Joyous
Owner JVN / Broker/Owner JRE

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